Timeline of Danish History

by srandall91

Denmark is an old country with tons of rich history. If I were to go into that, I would be writing for the rest of my life. In lou of pages upon pages of Danish history, I found a timeline with the most important events and time periods in Danish history.

Historical Survey
c. 12500 BC Immigration of the first hunters
3900 BC Agriculture and animal husbandry
400-700 Incipient urbanisation
866-867 Viking conquest of York
c.965 Introduction of Christianty
1015-1034 England under Danish rule
1397-1523 The Kalmar Union with Norway and Sweden
1479 Founding of Copenhagen University
1536 The Reformation. Incorporation of Norway in Denmark
1660-1661 Introduction of absolutism
1666 1917 Danish colonies in Caribbean
1807 Bombing of Copenhagen by the English navy
1814 Norway’s departure from the Union
1848 Abolition of absolutism
1849 First liberal constitution, the June Constitution
1864 Loss of the German duchies
1901 Introduction of cabinet responsibility
1914-1918 Danish neutrality during the First World War
1915 Constitutional reform, enfranchisement of women
1920 North-Schleswig vote in favor of re-union with Denmark
1940-1945 German occupation
1945 Founding membership of the UN
1949 Membership of NATO
1973 Membership of the EEC
1993 Membership of the EU