Danish Culture-religion, entertainment, and sports

by srandall91

Religion is a very important aspect to Danish culture. The majority of people in Denmark are Lutheran. The breakdown of religious groups in Denmark is 95% Lutheran, 3% other Protestant and Roman Catholic, and 2% Muslim. There are no religious cults in Denmark.

The fine arts is a popular way for people to socialize in Denmark. Danes love going to plays, ballets, operas. and folk dancing performances. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is the world’s 4th largest fashion city. Every year, they have their own fashion show where people from all around the world come to see the latest fashion trends and where both new and established fashion designers get into the fashion scene. Clothing is very important in Denmark. In Copenhagen, they have a street called Strøget, which is a pedestrian-only street that connects east and went Copenhagen. This street is packed with both boutiques and major fashion designers, both carrying the latest fashion trends. People with all different types of budgets will be able to find something they like on Strøget. As in America, how you dress is important to identifying your place in society in Denmark, especially for young people. They are always looking for the latest trends to wear in public with their friends.

Copenhagen’s pedestrian-only shopping street

Just like the fine arts is a way to socialize in Denmark, many people participate in sports to socialize. Almost 2 million Danes actively participate in sports. Almost 2/3 of children and young adults participate in sports in their free time. There are tons of different sports people can partake in which include, rollerblading, biking, Danish football, Parkour, BMX, walking, and windsurfing. It is very important for the Danes to stay physically active.