Danish culture-food

by srandall91

Danish food has always been traditional. One of the most common delicacies are open-faced sandwiches with numerous toppings, which include eggs, onions, capers, tomatoes, herring, and smoked salmon. It is served on a special thin whole wheat bread and is very good! In addition, Danes eat most of their meals at home and in private settings, although public dining places ranging from small hot dog stands to fancy restaurants are available and are used. Eating traditions vary from the city to the country. In the cities, many “American” foods have become popular in the recent years such as pizza, pasta, and chicken. Since Denmark is surrounded by water, seafood is a really common staple in the Danish meals, especially herring and smoked salmon. Furthermore, for breakfast, a danish, cereal, or bread are typically eaten at home. Sunday breakfasts are usually fancier, commonly including fresh bakery bread, boiled eggs, juice, tea or coffee.

Smoerebroed, Danish open-faced sandwiches

Bouchon danish, a common breakfast pastry