Denmark Economic Analysis-Media

by srandall91

Radio and Television-In Denmark, there is a strong public-sector television presence with state-owned Danmarks Radio (DR) operating 4 channels and publicly-owned TV2 operating roughly a half dozen channels. In addition, there are broadcasts available of privately-owned stations via satellite and cable feed. Danmarks Radio operates 4 nationwide FM radio stations, 15 digital audio broadcasting stations, and about 15 web-based radio stations. There are approximately 250 commercial and community radio stations are that are operational.97% of households have at least one television and on average the typical person watches 20 hours of TV a week.

Newspapers and Telephones-There are 33 prominent newspapers in Denmark and it is estimated per day that 1,507,000 people get a newspaper. The internet has put a damper on the newspaper business, just as it has all over the rest of the world. Around 84% of people have a cell phone. There are 3,350,285 landlines in Denmark. Especially in the cities, families and young people don’t have a home number and a cell number-they usually only have the cell number. In the country, they may only have a landline number.

Danish Newspapers