Denmark developments in Science and Technology

by srandall91

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation gives funding for research training, including Industrial PhDs. These allocations emphasise, among other things, the quality development and internationalisation of Danish research training programs. The Agency administers the funding that is earmarked for independent research and for thematically defined and politically prioritised research areas.

The establishment of a healthy environment for Danish research includes creating a framework for researcher mobility. This covers efforts to attract and retain international researchers and knowledge workers and efforts to strengthen young researchers’ career options in Danish research environments. There are also many activities for promoting research communication between the scientific community and society in general.

The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation has two main tasks – to give advice to the Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation and to administrate a variety of instruments for the minister. Through the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation, the main goal of  helping the Danish Government to ensure the best possible conditions for innovation in Denmark is fulfilled. This goal is satisfied by focusing on four main areas. These areas of focus are collaboration between business and research, access to highly skilled workers, authorized technological service, and commercialization of research

Both the technology and science field are major industries in Denmark and so progress is always being made towards new developments in these areas.