Denmark’s Retail Environment

by srandall91

In 2011, retailing in Denmark recorded positive if value growth, after a couple years of high unemployment and decreased sales following the recession. This increase was mostly thanks to grocery and internet retailing. Danish consumers remained price sensitive and cautious about spending, thus impulse spending and spending on non-essential items such as apparel or home and gardening items continued to decrease in 2011.

The three main reasons behind the increase in internet sales are convenience, accessibility, and lower prices. In addition to the growth in internet sales, m-commerce is showing up as another valuable channel. Danes increasingly use their mobile phones for shopping online. The strong popularity of mobile phones, both conventional phones and smartphones, encouraged retailers to develop m-commerce solutions.The laws that dictate how late stores can stay open have become less strict, and will be completely erased by the end of 2012.

Most retailers in Denmark are either small or medium scale. There do not tend to be many chains of retailers. On the pedestrian-only street in Copenhagen, Stroget, there are many different types of retailers. There are high end retailers, specialty food shops, food markets, and clothing stores. While there are some clothing stores that are high-end and expensive, they also have tons of cheaper clothing stores like Zara and H&M. Denmark has stores that satisfy all customer needs at any budget.

H&M on Stroget in Copenhagen