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Should General Mills sell their cereal in Denmark?

I think a good American product that could be introduced into Danish culture would be General Mills Cereal. General Mills already has a strong presence in Denmark for their ice cream, Haagan-Dazs, but not for their cereals. When I was in Denmark, I noticed that no one really ate cereal for breakfast. They usually have a pastry or eggs and coffee and juice. If they did have something close to cereal, it would generally be granola.

Cereal is such a huge part of the American diet. Now-a-days, people think of cereal as more than a breakfast food. It is becoming more and more common to eat cereal at other times during the day rather than just at breakfast. In addition, when you go into the cereal aisle of grocery stores in America, General Mills is a major contender in the realm of cereals.

One problem for General Mills introducing their cereals into Denmark is that cereal is not a common food in Denmark. My thinking is though that if General Mills already has a lot of business in Denmark due to Haagan-Dazs, and people know that the ice cream product is good, they will think that other General Mills products are good, i.e.-a brand extension. Hopefully, if they like Haagan-Dazs, they will try a cereal and come to like that too! Another issue that may affect sales is that Denmark is on a health kick. They are a country who prides themselves in healthy eating, exercising, and having an overall healthy lifestyle. I think it would be a good idea for General Mills to start with marketing some of their healthier cereals first, like Cheerios, and then move onto cereals that aren’t as healthy, like Lucky Charms. I think that General Mills cereals has the potential to be extremely successful if they chose to do business in Denmark.

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